Malibu Fountains - Client Profile

Scope of Work:

  • Initial Web setup w/ Responsive Design: $2000
    • $1000 Deposit Paid 12/11/2015
    • Not exceeding 50hrs of work
    • $1000 Final Payment Paid 02/01/2016
  • Monthly Web Dev, Hosting & Fees: $50/mo Paid 01/29/2016
  • Monthly Email Setup, Mgmt & Hosting: $10/email/mo Paid 01/29/2016
  • Support & Redesign Costs: $25/hr

Features & Functions:

  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Domain authority using relevant keywords
  • Well organized content, intuitive navigation & best practices

Navigation & Pages:

  • About Us Page
  • Product Category Pages (no payment processing or shopping cart)
    • Copper Tree Fountains
    • Glass Fountains
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Custom Order Form - Bespoke Application - Linked to email
  • Contact Us Form - linked to email
  • Social Media Links (not creation)
  • Terms & Conditions Page
  • FAQ Page
  • PDF Catalog Upload

Not Included:

  • (shopping cart) Shopping Cart or Payment Processing
  • (blog) Blog & Content Creation
  • (images/video) Video Content Creation or Photoshop Images
  • (SEO) Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (refreshed content, blog mgmt, link bldg)
  • (social media) Social Media Mgmt or Creation (Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Periscope, Tinder)
  • (advertising) Digital Advertising Campaigns (Google+, Google Business, Yelp, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Meetup, 3rd-party Mobile Ad Networks)

Website Payment Info:

No Form Available: Account is Current and Launched

Project History:

01/18/2016: (2hrs)

  • Cover Page - Light/Medium/Dark Options Offered with less "dwarfed" text/heading
  • Excluded the following fountains
    • Halcyon Flowers
    • Mandana
    • Solana
    • The Sail
    • Tree of Dreams
    • Yggdrasil
    • Oasis
    • Appollonia
  • Changed the fountain page formatting from a side gallery/video to placing the gallery above and the video below the description
  • Excluded all mentions of Copper Ponds

01/21/2016: (4hrs)

  • Removed Cover Page
  • Added Blue Lily Photo to the Home Page
  • Changed the Lily main photo to dark red lily photo
  • Reordered Products in the following order (first to last)
    • Malibu Oracle
    • Diana
    • Lily
    • Water Willow
    • Japanese Maple
    • Sweeping Maple - added Oberon as larger option
    • Oak
    • Orlando
    • Grapevine Wall Fountain
    • Faerie Queen
    • Luna
    • Tree Of Wisdom
    • Weeping Willow
    • Bellagio
  • Changed FAQ to include:
    • Space Question
    • Maintenance Question
    • Cost Question
    • Installation Question
    • Winterizing Question
  • Added Testimonials/Review to Testimonials Page
    • Used Houzz Page/Review Widget in left corner
    • Copied 3 Reviews on to page & spell-checked
    • Changed Houzz profile info to malibu Fountains
    • Submitted a Houzz Support ticket to finalize name from Avalon to Malibu
  • Changed descriptions for the following fountains:
    • Malibu Oracle
    • Grapevine Wall Fountain
    • Orlando
    • Weeping Willow
    • Tree of Wisdom
    • Water Willow (prior)
    • Japanese Maple (prior)
    • Puck now Sweeping Maple (prior)
    • Lily (prior)
    • The Oak (prior)
  • Reviewed and Fulfilled prior Avalon Fountains "To do checklist" (includes all features in agree upon scope of work)
  • Sent over business card images, logo and 2 photos (text & no text)

01/28/2016: (0.5hrs)

  • Site Background, Boarder & Content Background color change from White (#FFFFFF) to Ivory (#FFFFF0)
  • Testimonial Page: Finalized Houzz size name from Avalon to Malibu Fountains
  • Hardcoded Exploration/Changes in "Tagline to Top of Page" Margins (final -20px)

01/29/2016: (1.5hrs)

  • Final Design Meeting for last minute changes not exceeding 5hrs of work
    • Meeting with Sandy & Lisa to discuss final change order ("Amendment to Final Change Order")
    • Determined ordering process thru Magento E-Commerce/Windrush
    • Next Steps to Launch the website to
  • Added Names to Testimonials Page - Mrs. M. Short, Dr. Wayne Anderson

01/30/2016: (2hrs)

  • Add Blue Appollonia (now "Sea Flower Fountain") between current glass fountains to break up the red colors
  • Add photo of Blue Appollonia as lead photo
  • Changed names, video titles, photo names, meta tags & meta descriptions for the following fountains:
    • Appollonia (now "Sea Flower Fountain")
    • Isfahan (now "Solstice")
    • Fairie Queen (now "Topanga Tree Fountain")
    • Diana (now "Diana Fountain")
    • Orlando (now "Escondido Fountain")
    • The Oak (now "The Latigo Oak")

01/31/2016: (1hrs)

  • Starbucks Meeting w/ Lisa
    • Amendment to Final Changes added
    • Delete photos from Water Willow (6 photos)
    • Delete all references to "Handcrafted in England"
    • Determined Shopping Cart "Quick View" is only possible with E-Commerce Site (not current style website)
    • Payment of $50 Hosting & $10 Email Address(es) Started
    • Final $1000 payment failed
  • Changed names, video titles, photo names, meta tags & meta descriptions for the following fountains:
    • Bellagio (now "Bellagio Garden Fountain")
  • Deleted 6 photos from Water Willow gallery
  • Deleted all references to "Handcrafted in England"

02/01/2016: (3.5hrs)

  • Final Payment of $1000 made for launch by midnight
  • Changed descriptions for the following fountains:
    • Grapevine Wall Fountain (description in email sent 01/23 - "Corrections to this description please use this updated one")
    • Diana (change to "Diana Fountain") - description in email sent 01/26 - "Diana"
    • The Oak (change to "The Latigo Oak") - description in email sent 01/26 - "The Oak"
    • Orlando (change to "Escondido Fountain") - description in email sent 01/26 - "Orlando changed to Escondido Fountain"
    • Faire Queen (change to "Topanga Tree Fountain") - description in email sent 01/26 - "Faire Queen is now Topanga Tree Fountain"
    • Luna - description in email sent 01/26 - "Fw: Luna"
    • Bellagio (now "Bellagio Garden Fountain") - description in email sent 01/31 - "Bellagio Garden Fountain"
  • Changed lead photos for the following fountains
    • Water Willow from current darker photo to lighter photo (email sent 01/26 - "This is the photo we agreed to use foe the Water Willow")
    • Tree of Wisdom - email sent 01/26 "Tree of wisdom with rainbow background" & email 01/26 "Better photo?"
  • Changed/Uploaded Video of Water Willow from Malibu video back to original video in England
  • Launched Site to (1hr)
  • Finalized email setup for (0.5hrs)

Malibu Fountains Retail Pricing

02/02/2016: (3hrs)

  • Added Retail prices to fountain pages - email sent 01/31 - "Retail Prices"
  • Created Phone Number: 310-###-#### (find keywords: "water", "malibu" or an easy number)
    • Settled on 424-781-7698, rerouted to Sandy & Lisa cell
  • Lisa & Sandy to created voicemail script
    • "Hello, you've reached Malibu Fountains. We are not available to take your call at the moment, but please leave your name and number after the beep and we will get back to you as quickly as possible."
  • Changed "Malibu Oracle" pricing to $9,800 instead of $10,000.
  • Changed grammar of "Malibu Oracle" description from "asian theme" to "Asian theme"
  • Moved "Contact Us" page to top navigation instead of footer of website
  • Discussed changes for Photo Gallery
  • Made changes to Home Page cover banner - changed static photo to be a gallery (sliding picture) added 1 more photo.

02/04/2016: (0.5hrs) - 2 Free Support Hours (Feb16')

  • Changed Banner on to Valentines Day Theme.
  • Photo emailed wasn't the right size - changed the banner to an old valentines day photo and created a new link to it where those glass accents products show up:

03/02/2016: (2.0hrs) - 2 Free Support Hours (Mar16')

  • Changed Banner on from Valentines Day Theme to Original Theme.
  • Banner Change for Easter
  • Google phone number support & voicemail
  • Meeting with Sandy & Lisa, price changes, uploading photos to Windrush, adding product
  • PDF File opening issue

04/11/2016: (2.0hrs) - 2 Free Support Hours (Apr16')

  • Changed Banner on from Easter Theme to Mother's Day theme.
  • Change pricing on Malibu Fountains
  • Windrush Gifts gmail account sign-in
  • Importing photo files for new Windrush products
  • Pricing issues for Windrush products
  • Brochure and AIA File findings through Lisa's home computer

04/17/2016: (2.0hrs) - 2 Extra Support Hours @ $25/hr (no charge)

  • Changed the banner on the Windrush Website to 3 photos, the 2 you gave me are sized wrong so there are some cutoffs. The way to change them are: hover over the “NovaWorks” tab, then “Manage Slideshows” and select the picture(s) you want to edit and scroll down to “Enable/Disable”
  • Resized Windrush front photos, Wind Spinners, Garden Gifts, Glass Accents
  • Imported photo files f or new Windrush front page
  • Changed and hardcoded display formatting for front photos
  • Changed Facebook Link to match current Windrush FB fan page
  • Changed front page "best seller" products to different products displayed
  • Refreshed Cache Settings on Magento
  • Changed sizes and pricing for (fountains)

04/25/2016: (2.0hrs/wk) - 2 SEO hrs/week @ $25/hr Total of $200 (4 week campaign)

  • Received credit card payment info
  • Baseline Google Analytics metrics measured 
  • Off-page optimization Classified Ads, Google Ads, YPs, 
  • Site SEO structure optimized

05/23/2016: (4 week $200 SEO campaign completed)

  • Google Analytics metrics measured
  • 3 Orders/Purchases submitted

05/24/2016: (2.0hrs) - 2 Free Support Hours (May16')

Thanks for having coffee with me this morning. Here are our meeting notes from today:

  1. SEO Notes - Search Engine Optimization (within the site)
    1. Adding Products - Change URL Key to have descriptive nouns
    2. Add/Update a Blog/News/Updates on Windrush Gifts describing new products, house projects, cool articles you found on garden gifts, cool applications of products you sell, etc.
    3. Add Videos to product pages for users to stay on pages longer
    4. Google Analytics numbers went from 246 to 800 views on in one month with $200 SEO budget ending this week.
  2. SEM Notes - Search Engine Marketing (Outside the site)
    1. Create Email Lists and email them a newsletter no more than once per month
    2. Alex shared a Google Spreadsheet for Lisa/Sandy to harvest emails from emails Lisa is sent over the years
    3. Paid Advertising - using Google AdWords - Alex is spending SEO budget on advertising on a trial basis.
    4. Genuinely comment on or praise other garden blogs and sign your name as Lisa @
    5. Put products on Classified Ads or other merchant sites like Amazon, Google Store, Ebay, etc.
  3. Alex's To-Do's - 
    1. Change Windrush Phone number to Malibu Fountains phone
    2. Change Water Willow page gallery conflict on Malibu Fountains
    3. Add "Order Now" buttons to Malibu Fountains
    4. Add Badges/Awards to bottom of Malibu Fountains and Windrush Gifts
    5. Take off subscribe section on Malibu Fountains
    6. Add Payment Icons (visa, MC, etc.) to bottom of Malibu Fountains
    7. Done: Change FAQ "how to purchase" paragraph on Malibu Fountains
    8. Done: Share Google Spreadsheet with Lisa and Sandy for email list and sales

Added "Order Now" Button

06/01/2016: (2.0hrs) - 2 Free Support Hours (Jun16')

  • Changed Windrush Phone number to Malibu Fountains phone
  • Changed Water Willow page video gallery tag conflict on Malibu Fountains
  • Added Badges/Awards to bottom of Malibu Fountains and Windrush Gifts
  • Moved subscribe section on Malibu Fountains to bottom of page
  • Added Payment Icons (visa, MC, etc.) to bottom of Malibu Fountains
  • Added "Order Now" buttons to Malibu Fountains to available Water Features on
    • Malibu Oracle
    • Lily
    • The Water Willow Fountain
    • Japanese Maple Fountain

07/14/2016: (2.0hrs) - 2 Free Support Hours (Jul16')

  • Tutorial for Transfer of Accounts to Lisa (site & email)
  • Discontinued Management of Site & Email Addresses

Requested Change Order(s):

  • No Requested Change Orders

Additional Support Discussions:

  • Adding Testimonials/News/Press Releases to Testimonials page
  • Changing Fountain Heights on Malibu Fountains to ft & mfr height
  • Structuring/Ordering specific photos into the Photo Gallery page
  • Adding more content for SEO (Blogs, Articles, etc)
  • Work Social Media Management

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